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A Kind Giveaway: Meet our winners.

Kindness is central to everything that we do at FEED and right now, we've been so inspired by the kindness we've seen in our virtual communities. As our small token of thanks, we called for nominees who were going above and beyond to cultivate kindness right now – no acts too big or too small. 

We received hundreds of nominations, for doctors, nurses, kind neighbors, and general do-gooders. It was heartening, to say the very least. 

We randomly selected 10 incredible winners and thanks to our partners (many of them small, women-owned businesses too), sent "Kindness Kits" to all of our winning nominees. 

In case you need a little dose of inspiration, check out what our kind nominators had to say about the winners, below. 

And thanks to our partners – Lingua Franca, Bloomscape, Package Free, Maisonette, Shinola, Clarins and Tenoverten, for their support.

Let's all cultivate kindness, however we can. 


Leigh is behind the @coffeetothefrontlines (on IG) effort in NYC. She started a GoFundMe and is making coffee and food deliveries to hospitals, purchased from local restaurants.(I don't know Leigh personally, but I've been following her efforts!)
My nominee is over 60 so she is high risk and isolating herself. However she wants to help so she’s done her best to gather a few masks for the healthcare workers in her neighborhood who were given nine by their employer ( the one worker is 8 months pregnant). She has also made 6 cakes, and 4 dozen cookies to drop off (6 ft from) her neighbors in order to spread some cheer. Additionally, she visits her 97 year old mother multiple times a week and stands outside her door and texts her.. her mother is almost completely deaf. But they can communicate and to see one another while texting makes both their days so much better. Mary Helen’s heart is full of nothing but love and the yearning to give that love.
I would like to nominate my daughter, Natalie, as she is currently working in our local hospital in the intensive care unit as a registered dietitian. She is providing nutrition support to most of the Covid-19 patients. Even after a hard day at work, she goes home and continues her volunteer job with CASA of Lane County and is a powerful voice for abused children and advocates for safe placement. I can’t think of anyone more deserving than her. She is always so giving and never expects anything in return.
My sister is a therapist, and completely changed up her practice to be able to see all of her patients remotely. She’s working overtime now and offering reduced or free sessions so that everyone can receive the mental health that they need at this time. Well this is going on, she is caring at home for her elderly father-in-law and covering all the bills for her home as her partner is out of work. She does this effortlessly, and gladly.
My sister, Meltem, has always been far more concerned with the happiness of those around her than herself. She is the most compassionate and empathetic person. As a doctor she is currently seeing patients via telemedicine and working so hard to ensure her diabetic patients needs are met during this difficult time. When one of her patients couldn’t afford the $10 rx she prescribed she called the pharmacy to pay for it herself. You can sense her compassion with every smile she gives.
She is a high school special education teacher and has been putting in so much work to make sure her students are engaged and succeeding. She’s also the director of the school musical and her students put in months of rehearsal but cannot perform. She’s been posting daily musical songs to help keep the love of music spreading! Jenny has also been delivering meals to families in the school district while schools are closed
Renee is my mom, who is a nurse. Her floor hasn’t seen a massive influx of civic-19 patients yet, but other parts of the hospital have. She volunteered to go work on that floor to let any nurse who is assigned there have a much needed break.
I would like to nominate my wife. We are a long distance couple, she lives in Boston and I live in India, and because of travel restrictions, we are unable to be together right now. I wish more than anything that we could be together during this uncertain time, especially because she is carrying a lot of stress. She works for a healthcare software company and her clients are hospitals. She has been working day and night, nonstop since the pandemic started to help build systems for her clients to better manage COVID-19 patients. She also just found out that her grandmother only has a few weeks to live and is unable to visit her since her grandmother's home is under lockdown.  My wife has coordinated a video message from the entire family so her grandmother can see everyone's faces and has  been dropping off her grandmother's favorite foods, letters, and gifts almost every day. She is the best and I'm proud of everything that she is doing right now to manage through this uncertain time. She has been showing kindness to her clients, her family, and to me nonstop over the past month and She deserves all the love in return.
Daniela teaches elementary special education and is now teaching online. She works hard to make sure her students understand how to navigate the online world, creates lessons that will motivate her students to log on everyday and makes herself available to her students, parents, and administrators, even outside of normal working hours. If a student misses the designated class times, she’ll still hop on to catch them up. She’s a hero to them and a hero of mine 💕
My mom who is a painter, was asked to come out of retirement and create quarantine rooms, and more patient care rooms at her doctor's office. I said you are 66 and this is a risk to you. She just finished the work after 3 weeks, and said I never felt so good about a job I did. I want to help people any way I can, and I created a space where they can get care. Mom always knows best, and this one gives all her free time helping others.
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