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We might be biased, but our latest artisan-made collection just may be our best yet. As you may know, FEED's artisan-made products actually give back twice, by providing livelihood, training and employment opportunities to artisan makers, as well as our usual school meal donations. Read more about the importance of supporting artisans, especially women, here. 

In celebration of our latest collection of stunning and unique (no one is completely alike) artisan-made Block Print Totes, we asked our artisan partner, Sonica Sarna, to take us through the entire process, from the dyeing, printing and sewing by artisans in India, to when they package up the goods and send them to our fulfilment center in Georgia. 

It's truly a journey and it makes these bags all the more special. 


1. We work closely with the artisans in Bagru Rajasthan to hand-carve wooden blocks and develop dye batches to create print swatches inspired by the design artworks sent by the FEED team each season.

2. After initial print samples are approved by FEED, we print sample meters and sew the first prototype bags at Projecthrive, our in-house sewing center for women at-risk women in New Delhi. 

3. FEED approves the final bag sample, there are tweaks made to quality, design and finer points – like leather handles and rivets – and then a production order is placed with us.

4. From there, we purchase canvas and work with the artisan community in Rajasthan to dye, print, wash and ship the entire bulk production fabric order to us in Delhi.

5. During this time there is active communication around design, color, quality and consistency to ensure production is as approved.

6. Once we receive the fabric in Delhi, the women at Projecthrive move forward with sewing the bags.

7. The completed bags are quality checked, packed, and shipped to FEED! 

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