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Introducing the FEED x National Geographic Collection, a limited-edition collection of bags designed for change-makers, inspiration seekers and everyday explorers. Made from 100% recycled plastic water bottles and of course, providing school meals, it is our hope that this collection inspires you to create global change, right from where you are. 

Over a year in the making, let's go behind the bag and see the collection from sketches, to shoots, to final product. 


Early Design Exploration + Sketches

An early sketch of potential bag shapes and designs for the collection, by our design assistant, Emily. 

After sketching, the product team moved on to digital mockups, also called "tech packs." Here's an early exploration of the Tote! 

Shoot Days!

Once the assortment was finalized and in development and final samples were received, the marketing team began executing the storytelling, aka the shoots, copywriting and more!

Visuals are key to telling any story, so we planned a two-day shoot, representative of the ethos of this collection – everyday exploration, everyday change-making and doing good (and looking good) with a collection of functional, durable, impactful bags.

 Shoot day #1 kicked off bright & early, led by our fearless creative director, Kirby! She took a few pics, alongside our professional photographer and videographer, on her vintage film camera.

 Our videographer, Greg Travers. 

 And our incredible photog, Christina Emilie. (Bonus photog here, Kirby).

There was a bit of light (fake) reading, with a pretty incredible backdrop. 

There were also fake (sustainable!!) picnics had by all.

New friends were made – our fantastic models became fast friends, on and off camera. 

The picnics and the reading may have been fake, but the fun was not!! 

Day 2: on location. Look at this stunning park! 

More (staged) picnics! But very real everyday adventuring. 

That's a wrap! Take a look at some of the images that bring the collection to life and some from Kirby's film camera, like the one above and below. 

Part of the vision for the collection involved putting a faint grain treatment on the images, to give them a vintage-feel and a film-like effect, inspired by National Geographic's iconic imagery of year's past. 

Shop the FEED x National Geographic Tote, pictured here in all three colors. 

Shop the FEED x National Geographic Tote, in Army Green and Ochre. 

Can't forget the issues of National Geographic for some on-the-go reading. 

Shop the FEED x National Geographic Swingpacks, in Ochre and Navy.

 Shop the Trio to go everday exploring with the full collection, designed to work together or separately. 

Watch the video and shop the full FEED x National Geographic Collection, while supplies last. 

Together we can do a world of good. 

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