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You've probably heard that we're celebrating a very big number today: 100 million school meals provided to children around the world. That number is impressive – and we're celebrating it wholeheartedly – but there's a lot more to what we're celebrating. 

We're celebrating 100 million opportunities for kids to be kids – to learn, play, grow and thrive. 100 million reasons for those kids to go to school every day and get the education they deserve. 100 million times over the last 10 years that a FEED purchase has changed a life. 

Each meal we provide makes a world of difference to a child, and an entire school year of consistent school meals can truly change lives. In honor of our 100 million meal milestone, we're highlighting some of these real stories by the numbers. 

Meet Stephen – Nairobi, Kenya

1,080 / 100,000,000

I want to be a lawyer. To do that, I know I need to concentrate hard in class and finish school with good grades."

1,080: Number of free school meals Stephen has received 

12: Stephen's age

8: Number of family members Stephen lives with, including his 6 siblings

6: Number of years Stephen has been receiving WFP school meals

If I wasn't getting school meals, I don't think I would eat during the day – just whatever there was at home at night. I like the school meals because they help me do better in class."

Meet Mathilde – Tete Province, Mozambique

900 / 100,000,000

"She always, always comes to school. She only misses if she is sick because she truly enjoys learning, as well as the nourishment she recieves at school." - Mathilde's fifth grade teacher

900: Number of free school meals Mathilde has received 

11: Mathilde's age

2: Number of hours she walks every single day to get to school 

5: Number of years Mathilde has been receiving WFP school meals

2: Number of family members Mathilde lives with (her grandparents, since her father passed away 6 months before we met her)

Meet Patrick – Kenskoff, Haiti

180 / 100,000,000

The principal of the school jokes that every morning, when Patrick arrives, he marches into the school's office to make sure lunch is going to be served that day. 

180: Number of free school meals Patrick has received

5: Patrick's age

6: Number of family members Patrick lives with, including his 4 siblings

1: Number of years Patrick has been receiving WFP school meals

5: Number of steep and mountainous kilometers that Patrick and his siblings walk every single day to get to school 

Meet Chea – Kampong Thom Province, Cambodia

1,080 / 100,000,000

In the future, I wish to become a teacher to teach the children in my village, and receive high respect from villagers as my teacher does."

1,080: Number of free school meals Chea has received 

13: Chea's age

4: Number of family members Chea lives with, including her 2 sisters

6: Number of years Chea has been receiving WFP school meals

500: Number of meters that Chea walks every single day to get to school 

Meet Emile – Agbedoume Village, Benin

900 / 100,000,000

Emile enjoys reading and writing stories and has told his teachers that he aspires to one day be a journalist. 

900: Number of free school meals Emile has received

12: Emile's age

7: Number of family members Emile lives with (his mother, 2 brothers and 4 sisters)

5: Number of years Emile has been receiving WFP school meals

Each morning, Emile rises early with his mother to help out in the field before walking the distance to school. 

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