We know that choosing to be a conscious consumer can be overwhelming at times, so we’re here to help. In this series, we’ll show you how to stock up on socially responsible products in every area of your life, from planning a vacation to making your holiday gift list. 

Speaking of gift lists, this is one we are especially proud to share. We’re just going to put it out there that we know this is the thirty-sixth gift guide you’ve seen…today. Us too. But we mean it when we say this one is different. We worked with Lauren to uncover the most special and unique small gifts, which also happen to make the world a better place. The challenge? Our finds had to be gifts we would actually want to give and receive.  Which brings us to the next point: the brands that we’re sharing today are brands we are proud to highlight and support. From animal rescue to artisan job creation, there’s a good chance there is a cause represented in these little gifts that your loved one will appreciate. If not (or even if so!), we happen to know of some very giftable bags that fight hunger…

Happy gifting!

Photography: Nathan Kraxberger for FEED

Block printed scarf 
Block Shop
Our pick for: your lovely best friend who lets you borrow from her closet
A girl can never have too many scarves in our opinion. But a gift from Block Shop is more like a work of art than a simple scarf. The Bagru by LA based company has a mission to make heirloom textiles that have high social benefit and low environmental impact. We love the lifecycle of each scarf from concept to production: gorgeously designed on paper, printed with wooden blocks and dyed in small batches.

Evergreen pocket notebook
Our pick for: your big brother who is constantly coming up with brilliant ideas
Shinola is hands-down one of the coolest brands around right now. You might know them best for their made-in-America bikes and watches, but we love these hard linen-covered notebooks, at a more accessible price point.. Handcrafted in Ann Arbor, MI, from all US-sourced materials, including acid-free paper from sustainably managed American forests, this is a notebook anyone would be proud to carry.

Woods-scented soy candle (and easy strike matches)
Sydney Hale Co
Our pick for: your Secret Santa who is obsessed with her French Bulldog (and rightly so)
When you shop from Sydney Hale, you can choose from rich, nostalgia-inducing scents like “Smoked Cardamom + Honey,” “Sea Salt + Bay Rum,” and “Clementine + Clove.” We’ve been burning the “Woods” candle at the office to bring a little evergreen into our mornings. It’s been magical. As if a gift your recipient would never buy for herself wasn’t fun enough, each candle also supports animal rescue. Throw in a set of beautifully branded easy strike matches and you’re on your way to best gift of the party.

Ombre dog leash
Found My Animal via Zady
Our pick for:  your parents’ new puppy whom you get iPhone videos of on the daily
We wish Found My Animal made a human version! This ombre number is not only the most fashionable dog leash that has ever existed, but it also has a very special message. Each leash sold by the company promotes pet adoption, a cause both you and your favorite pup can get behind.

Brass serving spoon set
Rose and Fitzgerald via Toms Marketplace
Our pick for: your sister-in-law who always hosts the most beautiful dinner parties
There’s more to these serving spoons than meets the eye. Each 100% pure brass set is made by hand—heated, cut, shaped and polished—by artisans in Uganda, at above-market wages. Trust us when we tell you that they are even more beautiful in person than they are online.

Mini bucket bag
Our pick for: your little sister who you want to be when you grow up
Cute right? We think so. There’s something about the combination of style (we all know bucket bags are having a moment, but the Mini is the perfect cross body moment), price point (under $50!) and cause (each one provides 25 school meals when sold). We’re especially excited about Pale Fog for winter looks.

Magnetic blocks
Our pick for: your curious niece who is smarter than any three-year-old you’ve ever met
Tegu blocks are our new go-to kids gift for many reasons. Unlike so many toy companies today, Tegu is committed to an ethical supply chain that has positive long-term effects both here and abroad. This block set is designed in the USA and purposefully made in Honduras with sustainably sourced Central American wood.