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To celebrate the launch of our new Frida Bag and Pouch, which are hand-woven by artisans in Oaxaca, Mexico, Lauren pulled together a list of unique artisan-made finds. We're just going to tell you right now: there are some must-haves below, mini llama included.

Vegan Chocolate Bark
Several disappointing experiences with vegan chocolate had us skeptical of this vegan chocolate bark, but we bought it anyway because, well, look at it. One taste test later, our recommendation is that although it's almost too pretty to eat, you should. It's delicious. 

Show-stopping shoes
These vintage-looking loafers from Sseko are hand-crafted from Ethiopian sheepskin sourced from local Ethiopian farmers. They also have an incredible story: Each pair is made at one of the oldest Ethiopian-owned shoe factories in the country. In addition to providing jobs and contributing to the economic development of the region, 10% of the profits of these shoes will go directly towards the Sseko Scholarship Fund, which helps bright young women in East Africa to continue their university degrees and become leaders in their communities.

Hand-woven Leather Pouch
We've never been this excited about a pouch. The newest addition to FEED's artisan offering, the Frida Pouch is hand-woven by artisans in Oaxaca, Mexico. Carry it as a clutch or inside your bag to hold essentials. 

Recycled Journal
No matter now attached we are to our iPhones, we’ll never kick the habit of carrying a notebook everywhere. Checking off a to-do list just isn't as satisfying without a pencil. But that often comes with a negative environmental impact. We love these tribal-inspired journals from Raven & Lily, not only because they are made from recycled discarded paper, but also because each one is hand-crafted by a woman artisan in Northern India.

Heirloom Tray
This tray is one of those timeless one-of-a-kind items that would make the perfect any-occasion gift. The craftsmanship that went into creating it is what makes it so special. We envision this artisan-made piece holding a treasured jewelry on a nightstand or dresser. Rose and Fitzgerald is holding orders for the time being, but as soon as their site is up and running again, we'll be running to order more.

Wishing Basket
"Meticulously hand-woven by a cooperative of twenty women, tucked away in the Rwenzori Mountains, each basket takes weeks to complete,” says artisan cult-favorite The Citizenry. Each one is made in a fair trade environment and is packed with symbolism: legend has it in Uganda that if you put a token for a wish inside, that wish will come true. Cue the perfect gift idea (don’t forget to add a wish).

Hand-carved Vase
How sweet is this tiny wood vase? It would look really pretty as a set of three on a coffee table or shelf. Hand-carved by a group of seven artisans in The Yucatán, each fair-trade piece takes about a day to complete. We'll be stocking up on them for home and office. 

Woolen Llama
We never knew we needed a mini llama until we stumbled upon this sweet friend, which is artisan-made with Peruvian wool. Spoiler: it's even cuter in person. 

Hand-woven Leather Bag
Our new Frida Bag has been such the most popular piece in our FEED Artisan assortment since it launched earlier this month. With its bright hand-woven pattern and leather detailing, it's obvious why. Not only does this bag look incredible (pair with denim on denim for fall style perfection), it does so much good: each one supports artisan livelihoods in Mexico and provides 100 school meals. 

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