A fresh pot of coffee is always brewing at the FEED HQ. Since we have so many java junkies on our team, our mugs have cupped a variety of blends--from light roasts to dark roasts, and everything in between. But, our favorites are always the blends that combine that perfect flavor with a commitment to making the world a better place. Shopping for fair trade coffee isn’t always easy, so we’ve done the work for you. Trust us on these.

Photography: Nathan Kraxberger for FEED

La Colombe Fair Trade and Organic certified, La Colombe is easily one of our favorite coffee purveyors. They work closely with the farmers who supply the beans, ensuring workers are treated fairly throughout the harvesting process. Another reason to sip La Colombe: the earth-conscious brand works with farms that are bird-friendly, aligned with the rainforest and carbon free.

FEED’s Favorite Roast: Bleu—Organic. This dark roast is blended with beans from Honduras, Nicaragua and Peru. It is rich and smooth, definitely a good morning pick-me-up.

Grounds for Change Family-owned Grounds for Change is not only 100% Fair Trade and USDA Organic, but they are also the first coffee company to be Carbon Free certified. From working so closely with their farmers in Mexico and Peru, they saw a need to help equip communities to combat domestic violence. Not only do they grind with a strong social conscious and awareness, but their coffee is incredible.

FEED’s Favorite Roast: Guatemala Forestal. This is another organic dark roast we love. It’s bold and has a spicy flavor profile with notes of chocolate.

Equal Exchange A fair trade coffee roaster, Equal Exchange has been cultivating relationships with coffee farmers in the field for a long time. Because of this, they are able to source the best beans from each harvest and they roast each batch to cater to the unique flavors of their beans. Since they source lots of their beans from the Democratic Republic of Congo, they created a partnership to give back to that community. Together with the Panzi Foundation, they support medical programs of the Panzi Hospital in the D.R. Congo.

FEED’s Favorite Roast: Organic Mind, Body and Soul. Grown by small farmers, this light blend has sweet notes: almond, vanilla, butterscotch.

Reggie’s Roast Reggie’s Roast farms and roasts 100% certified Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is known for being amongst the best coffee in the world, as the flavor-rich beans are rare. Since Reggie’s both the farms and roasts the coffee, they have control over the entire process, which we love.

FEED’s Favorite Roast: Certified Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee. This one is a no-brainer. They’re famous for it.

Bonus: Our favorite fair trade coffee shops for next time you’re in NYC

Brooklyn Roasting Company The Brooklyn Roasting Company serves up Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance and Organic certified coffees. The roasts here are divine, but the creativity of the baristas is not to be missed. Have you ever had coffee with maple syrup? Trust us, and try it out.

Bluestone Lane Bluestone Lane Collective Café is one of our favorite coffee spots in New York City. Inspired by the Australian lifestyle, the coffee shop is a homey environment designed to create an experience for the customer, not just a destination to satisfy a caffeine craving. They use organic fair trade beans and hire expert baristas. Feeling adventurous? Go for the Aussie Iced Latte. It’s heavenly.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters Stumptown Coffee is known for having one of the best cups of coffee in all of New York. They earn this reputation thanks to their Green Team, the group of individuals who travel to remote destinations along the equator in search of the best coffee beans. With a major focus on sustainability, they meet with farmers and coffee experts to talk technique and location. All this to say, they pour a delicious, consciously-brewed cup. We love it.