April has a way of bringing out our inner hippies. After months of jackets and boots and indoor-everything, we just want to spend every warm day barefoot in the grass. Good news for us: Lauren curated this month’s edition of Conscious Buys with that sentiment in mind. Scroll down to shop the story.

Photography: Nathan Kraxberger for FEED

Happy Hippie picks

Umaa Resort Top via Matta While we obviously live for conscious fashion, we’re the first to admit that sometimes we’re forced to choose between conscious and fashionable. Not with Matta, our new favorite textile and clothing brand. This breezy resort top is embellished by hand in Lucknow, India.

Scarf via Raven + Lily Beautiful indigo design aside, there are so many reasons to love this scarf from Raven + Lily. Each one helps provide employment to women in Guatemala at fair trade wages. The company holds a B Corp certification for their commitment to not only empowering women around the world through honoring traditional artisan craft, but also their determination to source eco-friendly materials in everything they make. We can’t wait to wear this pretty scarf for breezy summer date nights.

Birdhouse via L&M Studio How sweet is this birdhouse from L&M Studio? The Etsy shop is the creative genius of best friends from upstate New York who turned their talent for ceramics into a thriving business. The design of this all white dwelling for our feathered friends is so understated and cool, we’re ignoring the fact that we live in New York apartments and buying it anyway.

Adirondack Blanket via Faherty Everything sold by Faherty feels like it could have been found in our favorite vintage shop, but without the uncertainty of origin. The brand’s founders are committed to using family-own factories, which they’ve worked with for decades to ensure quality and sustainability. We have our eye on this 100% cotton blanket for picnics in the park with friends.

Tree Swing via Peg and Awl Warmer weather means as much time outside as possible...preferably spent swinging. This single person tree swing from Peg and Awl is every kid’s—real or at-heart—dream come true. What’s also a dream come true is that the swing is made of responsibly sourced Cypress from the Forest Stewardship Council of the US. 

Spirit Dust via Moon Juice We’re just going to be honest and tell you this drink is potent, but Moon Juice founder Amanda Chantal Bacon says that is absolutely intentional with every organic, nutrient-packed product they sell. Spirit Dust promises to promote awareness, creativity and joy with every sip. After trying it, we did feel slightly less stressed, so we’re *thinking* about replacing our 3pm coffee boost with a cup of this “divine energy formula.”

FEED 10 Pouch via FEED Call us biased, but this pouch truly does a lot of good in the world. Each one, when purchased, provides 10 school meals to vulnerable children around the world. Research shows that not only does this school meal help meet children’s developmental needs, but it also incentivizes their parents to send them to school. This pouch gives more than meals – it gives hope for a better future.

Lulu Mena for FEED Bracelets (sneak peek)  You’re the very first to see these! Launching next week, the FEED + Lulu Mena jewelry collaboration is what we’re most looking forward to wearing this spring. Not only does every piece of the collection give meals, but they also provide employment to female artisans in El Salvador. Stay tuned next week for the official launch. 

Organic Lunch Bag via Shibori The organic lunch bag from Shibori might just be the end of the brown paper bag. Each bag is 100% certified organic, designed with low-impact, azo-free dyes, and is—wait for it—fully machine washable. Yes to all of the above.