Whether you are a resolution-maker or not, January is a time for reflection and reevaluation. It’s a time when we like to think through who we are, how we describe ourselves and speak to ourselves, and what makes us happy.


We pulled together a list of good-for-you buys, that will help you ring in 2018 with renewed vigor, spirit and a sense of calm (thank you, self-care).



Go-Getter Tote, FEED

Our newest FEED statement tote is one that we at Team FEED all identify with. We also identify with the need to remind ourselves (sometimes daily) of our resolutions and goals for the new year. This tote does just that. It tells the world how incredibly driven you are and it provides a space for you to write in your personal intentions, and keep them close. Get yours today, go-getters, they’re going fast.


Thinking Blocks, Pretend Store

While hitting the gym more often in January may feel like an obvious choice after the holiday break, it’s also important to exercise your mind. Anytime you feel like you’re stuck in a mental rut, pull out these blocks, and, as the Pretend Store says, “build a breakthrough.” As an added bonus, they are beautiful to look at.


Lavender & Rose Facial Steam, LEIF

As mentioned above, self-care is a big part of our January refresh-and-revitalize routine. In that spirit, we’d highly recommend this botanica facial steam for mental and physical restoration. Just add the herbs to a bowl of hot water and take deep breaths of steam as your pores unclog and your circulation and complexion improves.


Soko + UNTF Bracelet Set

You may recognize Soko from our jewelry collaborations. We are huge fans of their mission-driven, artisan-made approach that does not sacrifice style. This bracelet set is no exception. Handmade in Kenya, each bracelet features traditional materials from Kenyan artisans and colors that highlight the partnership with UNTF, which aims to end violence against women.


Neon Dream Notepad, LEIF

We may have to-do lists coming out of our ears, but we like it that way, and we can at least write them on cute, cheeky paper. And so can you!



Words of Wisdom Keychain, LEIF

This keychain serves as a daily reminder of one of our favorite mantras: Nothing but love. In case you haven’t noticed, Team FEED is big on spreading love and kindness in all forms on a daily basis, so this one was a no-brainer for us.


Aromatherapy Eye Pillow, Gamma Folk

Don’t tell LBL, but sometimes we like to lean back in our desk chairs, throw this baby over our eyeballs and take a little power brain nap. This handmade eye pillow is filled with flax seeds, dried lavender and chamomile, so it’s the epitome of relaxation and calm. Pro tip: throw it in the microwave for 15 seconds to warm it up and then commence 10 minute desk nap. You won’t be sorry you did.


Go-Getter Pin, FEED

Pin this little impactful statement piece onto your canvas bag or denim jacket and let the world know how proud you are of your hustle – as you should be. For double the impact (literally and figuratively), pin this onto the Go-Getter Tote.



Meditate Mala Necklace, Mala Collective

We’re never not trying to improve the frequency and consistency of our meditation practice, especially in January. These beads, sustainably harvested from trees in South East Asia, enhance your meditation practice by increasing clarity, calming the nervous system and helping to quiet the mind. We’ll gladly accept a little help in those areas.


Smiling Mind, iPhone app

To complement your Mala necklace and feel the full restorative benefits, you’ll need to actually meditate, of course. For that, we love the Smiling Mind app. The organization behind the app is a nonprofit, working to make mindful meditation and its benefits accessible to all.


The Power of Habit, Charles Duhigg

At the core of any successful resolution is repetition – aka habit-formation. But there’s a lot more to the habits and patterns that make up our daily lives. In his best-selling book, Charles explores the success achieved by focusing on the patterns that shape us, and the ways we can transform them.


Yoga Towel, Manduka

You know what they say about exercise: you need cute, fun, motivating exercise clothing and accessories to make it happen. Okay, that’s not really what they say, but it definitely helps. You’ll find yourself excited for that 7am yoga class if you have a beautiful, eco-friendly yoga towel to roll out. This particular towel is made from no fewer than 8 recycled plastic bottles, preventing them from ending up in landfills or in the ocean. Impactful, cute, motivation.