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At FEED we love mamas, moms and mother figures and we all know they are among the most deserving and giving people on this planet. Flowers and chocolates are fine (Okay, chocolate is more than fine), but the mamas in your life have earned something a bit more special – they did, after all, give you life, literally and figuratively.

Lucky for you, our own new mama of two, Lauren Bush Lauren, curated a fantastic lineup of beautiful, impactful, gifts that are sure to impress any mom on your list.

Joy: 100 Poems

Some of us just aren’t poets – and that’s OK!! That’s what the experts are for. Joy:100 Poems is a selection of 100 of the most evocative poems on joy (aka, what your mom brings to your life), hand-picked by Christian Wiman, an award-winning contemporary poet.  

Clarins Blue Orchid Face Oil

One of LBL’s absolute favorite Clarins products, this face oil is packed with powerhouse plant-based ingredients that your mom will love. While you’re at it, you might want to add another one to the cart for yourself because you’re going to want to steal hers.

Soma Water Bottle

For the eco-friendly mama, or the mama struggling to let go of buying plastic bottled water. The Soma Water Bottle is chic and made from high-quality shatter resistant glass so it’s sure to last. It’s also, of course, fantastic for the environment, a tribute to your other mother (the Earth).

FEED Leather Pocket Pouch

You can never have too many pocket pouches. Our latest collection is painted with unique, geometric designs. Fair warning – you’re going to want all three patterns.

HATCH Nipple + Lip Rescue Balm

This Nipple + Lip balm is truly a life-saver (or nipple-saver) for all breastfeeding mamas or soon-to-be-mamas. It also smells fantastic, with plant-based ingredients like mango, acai and pomegranate, so feel free to snag one just to use as a chapstick.

Pink Moon Pyramid Lamp

This one is really special, just like her. Handmade to order, each three-sided lamp is truly a work of art. Our recommendation? Pair this with a card that says “you are the light of my life.”

HATCH Relax Rollerball

Being a mom, although rewarding, is not easy or without stress. Aptly named Breathe in the Zen, this rollerball is safe for both pregnant moms and babies and promises soothing relaxation with lavender essential oils. We can’t think of anything new moms crave more than sleep and relaxation. **add to cart**

Soko Mini Dash Stud Earrings

Can’t figure out what to buy her? Jewelry is the answer. Soko’s products are a particularly good choice since they are artisan-made from recycled brass, so your purchase not only provides school meals, but empowers and promotes artisan entrepreneurship and innovation. Win, win, win.

Open Palm Ceramic Plate

The open palm is historically seen as a sign of protection, representative of blessings, power and strength – motherhood in a nutshell. This ceramic plate is handcrafted and made-to-order, perfect for holding mama’s jewelry or small trinkets.

The Mini Eleanor

Moms adore the Eleanor Crossbody Bag and already, the Mini Eleanor Bag is proving to be a runaway hit. Perfect for warm-weather season, this little bag packs a not-so-little punch, with each one providing 75 school meals. Don't forget to add a tassel


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