Since we’re in the middle of FEED Supper (9/16-10/16), we thought it would be fun to put together an autumn-inspired curation of conscious tabletop pieces for hosts. Since everyone on Team FEED is hosting Suppers of our own, we felt a very personal connection to this edition of Conscious Buys and are so excited to share it with you today. Happy hosting!

1. Oil Server
Until this post, an oil server wasn’t really on our radar. But then we stumbled upon this Grecian-inspired piece from Massachusetts-based artist Dianiel Bellow and considered it an essential. Says Bellow of his work: “things made by hand have a life of their own, a spirit that machine made objects, no matter how well designed, are lacking.” We couldn’t have said it better.

2. Wood + Steel Serving Board
We don't think it's bias talking when we say that this is a must-have piece for any kitchen. This Wood + Steel Serving Board from our tabletop collection with west elm was so popular last fall, we brought it back for another season. Made in Vermont, each American-made board also provides 50 meals to Americans in need.

3. Small Brass Spoon
We found it interesting that a piece this small had such an effect on our table setting. Designed for lifetime use, each of these spoons from Heath Ceramics is carefully hammered and welded by hand, which shows in the thoughtfulness of the design.

4. Indigo Napkins
When you buy these napkins from the Far & Wide Collective, you support the livelihoods of the women artisans in India who make them. Far & Wide partners with the social enterprise Kara Weaves to employ Indian women in designing and creating textiles made from ancient local fabric, which are hand-made on traditional wooden looms. 

5. Farmstead Plate
Something about these plates from Bambeco feel very FEED—unfussy, earthy and sustainably made. Each organically shaped piece is handcrafted in Bambeco’s eco-conscious factory using all natural clay, reclaimed water and recycled scrap materials from previous products. Also, they look amazing on any table.

6. Patterned Tablecloth
This intricate block-printed tablecloth from The Little Market is even prettier in person. Our team unanimously decided that if we could only chose one piece from this round-up to spruce up our fall hosting game, this would be it. We love that by buying it, we also helped support sustainable employment in India.

7. Ceramic Bowl
This one-of-a-kind, hand-painted dipping bowl not only adds the perfect finishing touch to any table, but it also represents centuries of history. The artist carries on his family’s tradition of making quality ceramics in Uzbekistan, dating back 2,000 years! Doubles as conversation starter.

8. Serving Hands
How amazing are these wooden serving hands for shared meals? The set is hand-carved by artisans in Kenya with sacred olive wood. By bringing them into your dining room, you are sharing tradition and helping employ a vibrant community of artisans. 

9. Recycled Pitcher and Tumblers
There’s way more to these pieces than meets the eye—although what meets the eye is pretty stunning in and of itself. These works of art from Maya are made from glass soda bottles destined for landfills. Each piece is hand-blown using techniques passed down through generations and every one is unique. Artisan-made. Recycled. Win-win.

That’s it for September’s edition of Conscious Buys. Let us know if you have any questions about our curation in the comments section.

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