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A Crossword Puzzle!

You may have noticed that we’re really into Valentine’s Day around here. So much that we created a crossword puzzle with the words that are inspiring us to Love More this month. Want to have a go? Yes? Thought so.

Sharpen your pencil, pour another cup of coffee and let your inner cruciverbalist shine.

Love More CrosswordDirections 1. Click Here to download. 2. Scale from 100% to 50% for half-page and 70% for whole page. 3. Fill in the blank squares…you know how this works. 4. Tag @feedprojects in an Instagram post of your completed crossword to enter to win a Love More Tote + Button Set.

Answer Key 1 Down: Hope / 2 Down: All / 3 Down: Different / 4 Across: FEED / 5 Across: February / 6 Down: Always / 7 Down: Love / 8 Across: Sevenbillion / 9 Down: Bold / 10 Across: Sweet


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