Our brand new Voyager Collection is here, and we have a feeling you are going to be into it. While burlap will always be our first love, we can’t get enough of the clean lines and bright color blocks of this monogrammable all-canvas collection. To give context to the fresh look, we’ve asked our head designer to share her inspiration behind the collection.

Photography: Nathan Kraxberger for FEED

We love that the color pallet of this collection is a little unexpected for the holidays. What was the inspiration for the aesthetic?

There was something that really excited us about the clean, bright aesthetic of Nordic design, which tends to rely heavily on shades of white and defined angles. The end result of the Voyager Collection is just that: bright white canvas with beautiful color blocks. While we can’t wait to wear the Voyager bags this holiday, we’re also loving how transitional they are to continue into spring.

The name of the collection itself evokes a sense of travel and adventure. When the winter norm is to hibernate, how does this collection challenge that?

Evoking a sense of curiosity was our guiding motivation throughout the design process. The FEED girl is not one to sit at home. She loves to travel; She loves learning about the world around here—whether that world is in her own backyard or faraway places. And obviously, she loves using fashion to help those in need, which is the ultimate adventure.

The clean canvas lends itself so nicely to monogramming. Did you factor the possible addition of letters into the design?

We definitely did. Since this is FEED’s very first full monogrammable collection, we wanted to give those letters prominent placement on the bag. We envisioned the white canvas quite literally as a blank canvas, primed for initials or a cheeky message, without looking busy. We’re really proud of where we landed with the design. Namely, that the bags look amazing with or without the addition of monogramming.