While we're all at home right now, our founder is certainly not the only one leaning into DIY projects. It's a great way to stay creative and in the case of this project, even get a little outdoors time.

Follow the steps below to do your own at-home natural dyeing project! Recommended (but not required), dye a tote with a motto worth wearing and sharing, especially now. 

Enjoy! Happy DIY-ing.


Step 1: Get an Indigo Kit or some Indigo Dye! Lauren got hers on Etsy


Step 2: Add the indigo pigment to your vat (any bucket or large container will work!) 

Step 3: Let the Indigo dye process! Stir it for 3-5 minutes and then let it sit for 24 hrs.

Step 4: Time to dye (aka, the fun part!). 

P.S. Protecting your clothes is a good idea for this project! Lauren's apron is FEED (of course).

Step 5: Bags are in! Stir occasionally, 10 minutes per dip, until you get your desired shade (between 3-6 dips)

Step 6: Rinse, dip, repeat!

Step 7: After dunking in fresh, cold water, these are ready to hang dry. The dye will be about 3x darker than it will be once dried. Lauren hung hers to dry from a tree overnight. 

Step 8: Almost there! Once you check out the color the next day, you can always rinse them again in cold water and repeat the drying process.

Step 9: The final dry!

Step 10: Ta-Da! All done, the final color turned out beautifully, a nice dusty, indigo blue.