As we approach this most mindful time of year, we find ourselves sharing in the goodness of the season and reflecting on the lives we’re thankful to be a part of.

One life that immediately comes to mind is that of Lucia Baptista, a 12 year old living in Mozambique. After her father passed away, her mother began working as a farmer to support her and her three siblings. Lucia often helps her mother in the machamba, which is the Mozambican word used to indicate family farm.

When Lucia is able to attend the school that’s located nearby, she finds great comfort in the lunch provided and is able to focus on her studies. Before the WFP began school feeding at her location, Lucia spent much of her time searching for maçanica, a type of apple common in the woods of Mozambique. This was an unnecessary danger as snakes and other animals are present in those woods.

Now that Lucia is able to attend school and pay attention with a nutrious meal, she’s enjoying her studies and has hope for a passionate career in the future.