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A FEED HQ pouch spill

If you haven’t noticed yet, we kind of have a thing for bag spills. Today’s feature comes via our marketing coordinator, who also happens to be our resident NYC foodie. Since she’s been rocking the Slouchy Seaside Pouch to post-work food-tivities lately, we asked her to spill not only on what’s inside her bag, but also where she has taken it this summer.

Seaside bag spill

What items are always in your Seaside Pouch?

Rosebud Salve: I love this lip balm! It keeps my lips feeling hydrated, while adding a hint of gloss. Bonus: it actually smells like roses!

Flower Hair Pins: These Anthro bobby pins are my go-to for adding a subtle touch of quirk and instant tyle on days I don’t feel like putting a lot of effort into my hair.

Lotion: I don’t go anywhere without lotion. I’ve been known to duck into a beauty store to swipe a sample squirt if I don’t have it.

Keychain: This key chain is one-of-a-kind and it’s always with me. It was a gift from my sister, who had it engraved with a quote that reminds me no matter the distance between us, she’s just a phone call away.

Coin Pouch: After a few years at FEED, I’ve had to face the facts that I’m a bag stuffer. No matter how large my bag, I somehow manage to stuff it to the brim with “necessities.” When I’m limited by size by carrying a pouch, a coin pouch is the perfect way to keep me organized.

Gum: No explanation needed. A minty kick mid-day is a must!

Spill on your favorite NYC spots for…

Date night: Tiny’s (I will never deviate from my go-to order of the seared scallops and blue cheese mashed potatoes.)

Night out with the friends: The Smith (You must get the ricotta gnocchi with brussels sprouts.)

Dinner with your parents: La Lanterna Di Vittoria (I highly recommend the peperoni rossi con caprino--goat cheese and grilled pepper bruschetta--or the lasagna bolognese!)

Post-work drinks with co-workers: The Standard Bier Garden (Even though the obvious choice would be beer, I always get a glass of rosé and a soft preztle.) 

Coffee shop people watching: Grey Dog (I come here every Wednesday morning before work for an order of the homemade granola with berries and hazelnut iced coffee. Best way to start the day!)

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