It’s been one week since World Food Day, but we’re still basking in the glow of the outpouring of goodwill (and good deeds) that was FEED Supper. Looking back, there were so many amazing Suppers that happened which we weren’t able to share during the activation. So today, we’re featuring a round-up of some of our favorite Supper moments from September 16-October 16. The queen of dinner parties herself, Martha Stewart, co-hosted a FEED Supper with her good friend Kevin Sharkey in his beautiful New York apartment.  The evening had all the makings of a Stewart Soirée, including a signature cocktail made with apple cider that was hand-pressed by you know who. (We may or may not have tried to take a glass home with us.) To celebrate Martha’s latest book, Martha Stewart’s Appetizers, the hosts served small bites that kept guests lingering near serving platters all night. Even more impressive than the setting, the guestlist (including FEED friends Christina Tosi and Daphne Oz) and the menu was the impact this FEED Supper had: over 95,000 meals raised for children and families in need.  We said from the start of FEED Supper that there is no one-size-fits-all guide for how to host.  The variety of Supper is what we love most about it, that a fancy dinner party and a college dorm gathering can be just as meaningful. Speaking of college, huge shout-out to the campuses around the country that got involved in FEED Supper this year. From Purdue to Johns Hopkins to George Washington University, hundreds of students gathered in dorm rooms, campus quads and cafeterias to give meals to people in need.  Lauren’s own alma mater, Princeton, raised over 18,000 meals when its entire senior class came together for massive dinner party on a campus lawn.

An Instagram favorite, Gail Simmons and Eden Grinshman’s Supper was hosted at intimate restaurant Houseman. They set up a photo booth where guests showed off their placemats in a little humble brag moment. Obviously, we couldn’t get enough of those photos on our feeds.Our FEED Supper dream came true this fall with partner Le Pain Quotidien, who hosted 30 Suppers over 30 days in their cafes across the country. Their goal was to raise 250,000 meals, but thanks to the hundreds of strangers who came together around their communal dinning tables to truly share a meal, they far surpassed that.  We loved the LPQ Suppers so much that we decided to host our own team’s  celebratory Supper there on World Food Day.  

While we’ve highlighted quite a few aspirational FEED Suppers on the blog, it was the hundreds of grassroots dinner parties that took place around the country this month that really moved the needle.  Our very favorite moments from the past thirty days have been simple Instagram photos of friends and families gathered together in homes, schools, churches and offices, collectively sharing their impact.  While every FEED Supper meal count may have been different, together, we gave 2 million meals. Cheers to YOU!