By now you’ve heard about the Make It Challenge we did with Adobe: Seven days to concept, pitch, shoot and produce FEED’s 2015 Holiday Campaign. You may have been watching along with us this week as Adobe released an episode each day of the mini-series they created around the making of the campaign. (If you missed them, you can catch the full series here.) In watching the final episode, it’s so apparent what a true labor of love it was on the part of Matt, Alejandro, Gus, Lo and all our friends at Adobe to create the brilliant Follow My Lead. FEED. Campaign. To help unpack the idea behind the concept, we asked Tascha, our VP of Business Development, and a driving force of our partnership with Adobe in the Make It Challenge, to talk about how we ended at Follow My Lead, and what it means to us as a brand.

Our brainstorming for the campaign went a little like this: There is something to really owning being a role model. Standing up and standing for something. Leading. We wanted to ignite that fire in people, and give them an accessible way to say, “Look what I’m doing to make my mark and make a difference. Feels good (looks good!) and does good so why wouldn’t I? And, further, will you?”

We loved the idea of pulling in real people for the campaign, rather than high profile celebrities or models. We wanted to communicate one simple truth this holiday: That anyone and everyone can be a leader in the fight to end hunger by shopping FEED. Whether influencers with big followings like blogger Jamie Beck or bandleader Jon Batiste or influencers in their fields like teacher Elizabeth Wagner or photographer Autumn Kern, every person we chose for the campaign is a leader in their own way and brought a unique POV to why they support FEED. Throughout all the assets of the campaign (which you'll see on our homepage and newsletters over the following week), you will see these leaders integrate the mission of ending hunger into their daily lives that sounds a little something like this: "I’m Elizabeth, a global history teacher from Brooklyn. I believe every child should have the nutrition she needs to write her own story, and discovered an easy way to help make that reality." Each leader has an individual story that invites us in to follow their lead as they FEED.

We are all of a new generation that expects our preferred brands to give us ways to authentically and impactfully make change in this world so seeing these like-minded change-agents get behind our social business and proudly wear our bags as the ultimate fashion and personal statement is, much like our products, a gift that keeps on giving.