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For the month of February, let's FEED America.

Our team has spent a lot of time wondering what we can do, as a company and as individuals, to infuse hope, unity and goodwill into our country and individual communities in the current climate of division. Regardless of our differences, I’ve been so proud to to see our customers come together around one truth that we all agree on—that no child should be kept from achieving her full potential because of lack of food. 

For the past eleven years, we’ve donated meals to children around the world, with a portion of those staying here in America. And while fighting global childhood hunger continues to be our guiding mission, for the next few weeks, we’re going to be focusing our efforts solely here at home.

For the entire month of February, 100% of meals raised through your purchases on will benefit children in America.

Working with No Kid Hungry, our domestic giving partner, has educated us about the realities of hunger in our own backyards, and the resources needed to help those children grow, learn and thrive. One of those resources is free school breakfasts, which your purchases will help provide. 

Seeing firsthand how something as simple as a free school meal can radically change the course of a child’s life, we are filled with immeasurable hope for the future.

Together, we can do a world of good, starting right here at home. 

To learn more about No Kid Hungry and how our giving in America works, head here



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