How did this opportunity come about for you? And what excited you about Clarins and Feed? 
Clarins offered me an amazing opportunity to travel to Sri Lanka to document the important work The World Food Programme is doing in Asia through support from FEED and partners like Clarins.

What was your biggest takeaway, after the trip?  
Most people know that continents like Africa have a hunger crisis, but many people don’t know that Asia suffers from a hunger crisis too. Hunger is a global problem often linked to distribution problems of food. My biggest take away is that we can all be part of the solution.

Could you share a moment that had a lasting impact?  
Meeting the children and meeting a single mother who was supporting four children after the death of her husband made a lasting impression on me. These children and their parents want the same things we want. They want to be healthy, to be happy, and they want to be educated. They want economic security; they just don’t have as many advantages and opportunities as we do.

You've accomplished so much already at such a young age! What's next for you? 
Thank you. As a young filmmaker, I am excited to make more films. I’m studying film at University right now.

What cause or issue are you most driven by? 
Prior to turning 18, I made a film called “Your Voice Matters,” encouraging youth to vote in the 2018 midterm elections. I believe that in addition to being the change we want to see, we need to vote the change we want to see.

We love seeing more and more people, especially young people, using their platforms (including Instagram, YouTube, etc.) to be vocal and get involved, what do you think we can all do to make a difference?
I’m truly inspired by Greta Thunberg and her profound ability to magnify her message on social media. The most important thing we can all do is that we all pick a cause that we believe in and that we give back in a way that’s authentic to our individual lives and values. 

We always like to ask this question at FEED – finish the sentence, I am on a mission to_________ tell stories that inspire people and that illuminate the human condition.


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