With multiple themes to choose from for FEED Supper this year, our team has been busy finding and testing country-inspired DIY’s to bring our gatherings to life even more. With such diversity within each region, we have found an array of projects to help everyone from the beginners to the most experienced crafters.

India-Inspired DIY We had so much fun creating this coloful marigold DIY for India! This may look complicated, but it’s quite simple.

You will need: Crepe paper Yellow or Orange for the flower Green for the leaves Scissors Stapler Yarn or string (We used straw yarn)

Directions: 1. Measure and cut 8-inch by 3-5 inch rectangles of crepe paper. We did a variety of lengths to see which size worked best. Do so for 3 or 4 sheets. We used yellow paper but you could also do orange! Remember, the paper should be cut in a rectangle. 2. Stack the 3 or 4 papers on top of each other. Holding by the breadth (smaller side), start folding them together like an accordion or pleats. The folds should be around 1cm wide. 3. Now give a curved trim to each corner of the folded paper. This will create a more organic look to form the petals. 4. Once trimmed, take your stapler and place one staple at the center of the folded crepe paper. When using more than 4 sheets of paper, we added another staple to form an “X” for added security. 5. From here, pull the accordion open separating the paper from both sides. This will form a circle and lead us into the next step. 6. Now, pulling the stacked pieces of paper,  slowly separate each sheet layer by layer, one side at a time. 7. Once all layers are separated, twist and turn each layer of petals creating a more flower like look. 8. Now that you have your marigold, cut out a few leave shaped pieces of green crepe paper. Take the leaf and from the back of the flower, find a crease to staple it to.   9. With the completed Marigold, take the yarn or string you will use and gently wrap it around the center of the flower (careful not to crush the petals, we learned the hard way). It should find its way near the center of the flower where the staples are securing the paper.

Once you have finished your flowers and strung them together, hang the strand with our FEED banner in your free downloadable toolkit! Or use it as a table runner to compliment the menu, table topics and meal count card also found in the toolkit.

USA-Inspired DIY

When choosing the United States for your supper theme, a simple yet picturesque DIY that is all encompassing of the Americana spirit is the perfect addition to your gathering. We plan to use this DIY to hold our flat wear during supper, but fresh flowers would be equally as gratifying.

Mexico-Inspired DIY

For a Mexican themed Supper, it wouldn’t seem right if your fiesta didn't have a pinata! Not to worry, before we got ahead of ourselves and got out the paper mache, we came across this DIY that takes the concept and makes it a bit more attainable. We knew this was the perfect DIY when the hardest step proved to be saving up our toilet paper rolls!

Ghana-Inspired DIY

Although we would love to make beautiful Ghanaian woven baskets, respectfully, it is an art all its own that is mastered by the locals. Leaving the basket weaving to the experts, we decided to add a DIY that can bring entertainment to your guests during supper with a game that is played throughout the West African region. This Mancala DIY is simple in construction while allowing your inner artist to thrive in the decorating portion of the project, which makes it fun to create as well as play.  

We hope these excite and inspire you as much as they did with our team. While creating and preparing for your Supper, use the #FEEDSupper hashtag to share your works of art and ideas leading up to your gathering!