With Thanksgiving officially upon us, we gathered Team FEED and asked the need-to-know question, "What are you thankful for this year?"

Team FEED is thankful

Lauren Bush Lauren, CEO & Founder: ... for the newest blessing in my life- my little baby "James". His birth has made me a new mom, a role I will do my darndest to be good at.So 
this year, I am grateful for tiny miracles, new challenges and opportunities, and the many acts of goodness I get to experience through my work with FEED and through my family and friends everyday.

Emily Corker, Designer & Manager of Product Development: ... for the opportunity to make a difference in the world, one meal at a time!

Tascha Rudder, Vice President of Business Development: ... for loved ones. Whether my little munchkin and husband who are the Rudder tiny tribe or other family members and dear friends, I am beyond grateful to share my life with loyal, loving and inspiring people.

Kim Nemser, GMM, Sr. Vice President - Product Development: ... for so many things but my family always comes in at numero uno! My kids keep me happy and busy and my husband keeps me laughing! I come from a big family and the holidays always meant togetherness, love, tasty food and drinks, matching pajamas and lots of fun, quirky little traditions!

Katy Lee, Vice President of Operations: ... for the gift of adventure. That I have the ability and means to travel and see all that this world has to offer, and that there is also a foundation of love and support that pulls me back to the comforts of family and home.

Melissa Crossley, Manager of Sales & Operations: ... to have such loving and supportive parents. They always encourage me to do what makes me happy and for that, I am very thankful. 

Kristina Fell, Vice President & General Manager: ... for another year of happiness and health for my friends and family members. 

Jenny Johns, VP of Marketing: ... for growing up in a country and a family that always made me feel my dreams mattered - and that achieving them was possible. My great-grandparents emigrated here from Syria, and this year, I am especially mindful of the generosity of spirt afforded them.

Kirby Sandifer, Art Director: ... for redefining what “family” means this year—through joining FEED and marrying my best friend.

Katie Steele, Executive Assistant & Marketing Coordinator: ... for the countless adventures I've experienced and the loved ones I've had by my side to share in every hilarious, uncertain and breath-taking life moment.