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Hannah Bronfman: Home Workout

As far as we’re concerned, Hannah Bronfman is the coolest kid on the block. Health, fitness and beauty authority and founder of the cult brand HBFIT, this woman is quite literally the definition of a mover and shaker (did we mention her DJ career?). If you follow Hannahon Instagram, you know exactly why we invited her to be our guest editor this month. Today, for her final guest editor post, she's demonstrating a home workout you can do when snow storms keep you from the gym. Take it away Hannah!

No matter what kind of workout you do, pilates is a great accompaniment. Not only does it help elongate the body, but it targets hard to reach muscles. Because I believe in the power of Pilates (and have been doing it for six years), I developed the below series for you all! These moves make for a great ab workout. My recommendation is doing the whole rotation three times for total effectiveness. Keep in mind that your lower back should stay anchored in the mat with your belly button sucked into your spine during the entire exercise. Also remember that the mind-body connection is beyond powerful. I find that visualizing the working of specific muscles helps to ground and focus me, and makes for a tougher workout all around.

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