How she carries it: Lauren Bush Lauren's summer bag. 

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For a summer day on the go with her two little boys, see Lauren's essentials, which she packs up in her handmade bag that does good, of course. 

1. Nalgene water bottle – I try to always have a reusable water bottle on me, so I can avoid single-use plastic as best I can. Nalgene bottles may not be the trendiest option, but they carry a ton of water to get you through the day.

2. Wallet – Pretty self-explanatory, but this envelope wallet carries all my credit cards, Metro Card, coffee punch cards and more! 

3. Shinola journal – I always have a journal on me to jot down ideas, as well as my "to do" list. My favorite journal is from Shinola and is made in America.  

4. Clarins sunscreen – Clarins is one of my go-to brands for all things skincare and I especially love their sunscreen, which I apply a few times per day, especially in the summer. 

5. Vaseline lip balm – I'm not a fussy makeup gal, so this Vaseline lip balm that has a slight tint is right up my alley. 

6. Kids supply cup – Hydration for kiddos is always essential, but especially in the warmer months when kids are at hot playgrounds and running around more. 

7. Blue Planet sunglasses – I got these Blue Planet sunglasses that are not only chic, but also eco-friendly, made with recycled and natural materials.  
8. Toddler water shoes – My little guy has lived in these shoes this summer, they are great from the beach to the pool and all around town.