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How to host a (virtual) FEED Supper

FEED Supper (if you didn't know) is our year-round grassroots dinner party activation. It's simple! Turn any gathering – from a dinner party to a birthday party or Thanksgiving – into a FEED Supper, by creating a fundraising page on our site and asking your guests to contribute (even $1 goes a long way!), instead of bringing a bottle of wine or dessert. This activation is 100% charitable, meaning all of the proceeds raised go directly to Feeding America. 

Right now, fighting hunger is even more critical as COVID-19 continues to have a massive impact on hunger and food insecurity worldwide. To learn more about the impact of the pandemic, check out this post. We're also all craving a little human interaction these days, whether it's a Zoom happy hour with coworkers or hosting a viewing party with friends over FaceTime. Enter (virtual) FEED Supper! 

If you've hosted a FEED Supper before, great! You're ahead of the game. Either way, follow these simple instructions and you'll be on your way to hosting a virtual gathering that makes a difference. 

1. Sign up to host on our site and make your fundraising page. It's as easy as entering your information and selecting a fundraising goal ($1 provides 10 meals, so a little goes a long way). We already have some great information in there about hunger and why you're hosting, but it's all customizable!  

Since your gathering will be virtual, we'd recommend including instructions in the supper page about how and where you'll be gathering. Maybe it's a FaceTime or you include a free Zoom or Google Hangouts link that everyone can join when it's time. 

2. Order a FEED Supper Toolkit (totally optional!). If you wanted to set your virtual table (or the one you'll be sitting at, to set the mood), we have FEED Supper Toolkits that come complete with a banner, placemats, name cards (with facts about hunger), and thank you notes to send to your guests. 

2. Invite your friends. Choose a date and time and send out an invite (or you know, a text, email, or slack). Make sure to include the link to your fundraising page so they can donate, even if they can't make it to your virtual party. 

3. Gather! Hop onto Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype, or whatever your preferred video service might be and celebrate your collective impact. You could have a themed meal together, eat the same things, or just have a happy hour, it's totally up to you. 

4. Share your collective impact. During or after your Supper, make sure to let everyone know how many meals you've raised (you can find this information on our fundraising page)!

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