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As a women-led and founded company, International Women’s Day has always felt personal and critically important to us. Now, more than ever, that remains true.

This year, all month-long, we’ll be celebrating women who inspire us, with a very special collection of bags with a mission, for women on a mission.

We collaborated with four incredible women to create a limited-edition collection of Women on a Mission Totes, each tote unique and personal to the individual styles & missions of the women behind them.

These four women – Arianna Huffington, Cleo Wade, Ulla Johnson and Julia Turshen – are all truly Women on a Mission. They are fearlessly chasing diverse missions, raising their voices and striving to create a better world.

The IWD Collection launches today. Throughout the month, we’ll be sharing the stories of these women, and their individual totes.

We hope it inspires and emboldens you to take on your own personal missions – whatever they may be.

Meet our Women on a Mission: 

Cleo Wade is a self-made artist, poet, author, and storyteller, who has carved out a space for herself as the voice of a generation. Using Instagram as her platform, Cleo shares short poems and lines of prose – in her signature visual style – that are bursting with her innate sense of optimism, hope and a transcending message of love and kindness.

Arianna Huffington is an entrepreneur, journalist, founder of The Huffington Post, author of 15 books, founder & CEO of Thrive Global, and a mother to two daughters. Her most recent endeavor – and possibly the one we find the most inspiring – is her commitment to encouraging women to truly thrive, by redefining what success means and looks like, and urging us to reassess what we’re willing to give up to achieve it. Watch Arianna's video here!

Ulla Johnson is a global citizen, native New Yorker, mother and of course, the founder & fashion designer behind her eponymous cult-favorite brand, Ulla Johnson. Determined to make women feel beautiful, confident and strong, her clothing line exudes femininity, while remaining real and accessible, through its commitment to encouraging a style of dressing (and living) that is loose, free, and a bit undone.

Julia Turshen is a writer, author, chef, activist and all-around wonderful human. Her best-selling cookbook – and the drumbeat mantra that she marches to – Feed the Resistance, is a mirror of her mission. She strives to provide and enjoy delectable recipes that feed your appetite, while inspiring you to explore and feed your political activism and ultimately, make a difference in the world.

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