March 8th is International Women’s Day, and everyone is asking this question: What would a better world for women and girls look like? It's a good question--one we’ve asked many times. But what if this year, we moved beyond asking the question? All it takes is a glance at the status of women and girls in every country in the world for it to quickly become clear that there is no more time to wonder. It’s time to build the world we want. When it comes to creating a better world for women and girls, change starts here, and now, with each of us.

The FEED mission is grounded in this individual power, especially when it comes to helping girls achieve their full potential. Anytime you buy a FEED product, you help create a more equal world by providing school meals. When a girl is guaranteed a free school lunch, her parents are more incentivized to send her. Providing a girl with a school meal is equivalent to providing her with an opportunity to be an agent of change in her own life and community.

To celebrate the individual power we all have to be the change we wish to see in the world, we commissioned up-and-coming street artist Kelsey Montague. Her interactive mural, up for one month in the SoHo neighborhood of NYC (hint: check out the sign in the window), invites those who pass by to pledge to use their voices, influence and actions to build a better world for women and girls.

You don’t have to be in NYC to take the #ItStartsHere pledge. Last week, we asked our Instagram followers from all over the world to join the conversation.

“I want a world where women and girls everywhere…”

"...have access to education and equal opportunities. #ItStartsHere in Manila, Philippines." -@daniarreza  

"...can make their own choices. #ItStartsHere in Curitiba, Brasil." -@rochalouise  

"...are free to choose their own destinies, and are not limited by stereotypes. #ItStartsHere in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia" -@wiamh 

If you haven’t joined the conversation yet, there’s still time. This International Women's Day, take the #ItStartsHere pledge by sharing your hope for girls around the world, and how you’re bringing about that world, in a comment below. You’ll automatically be entered to win a secret gift from Kelsey Montague.

The reality of a better world for women and girls everywhere starts here. With you.