Today is one of the most anticipated days of the year for our FEED community. It's World Food Day, and we're celebrating the 1 million meals that we collectively raised through FEED Supper over the past 30 days. Hunger is one of the most urgent issues facing our global community. 795 million people around the world don't know where their next meal is coming from. While these numbers are staggering, we know hunger is a solvable problem. If you hosted a Supper, donated to one, or helped get the word out on social media, you became part of the solution. The 1 million meals you raised through FEED Supper represent 1 million opportunities for 1 million children to grow, learn and thrive. Thean is one of those children. 

12-year old Thean comes from a big family; he lives with his parents, two sisters, one brother and brother-in-law in Siem Reap province of Cambodia. Thean’s mother is the main breadwinner of the family; aside from caring for her family, she is a rice farmer and a handmade basket maker. His father, who has lost a leg due to a land mine, is disabled and unable to help the family in earning money. Because Thean's mother spends so much time working to provide for the family, Thean and his siblings help each other with daily household chores and often need to join their mother in the rice field.

Even though so much of his time is required at home, Thean is passionate about studying the Khmer language. He has dreams and aspirations to one day become a nurse as he thinks it would be "a cool profession." “I like to go to school because I like reading," says Thean. "In school, I like our library very much as I can read story books and solve puzzles from the puzzle book. I also like the daily breakfast I get from school. It’s very delicious and enables me to pay better attention in school." In his free time, Thean likes to play with his friends; one of their favorite activities is cycling competitions. 

We have a feeling Thean is going to do great things. Thank you for helping him focus in school, so he can read, cycle and help his family. For Thean, a daily breakfast is so much more than a meal; it's hope for a better future.

photo and story from The World Food Programme