Ever since we were introduced to the beloved blogger, LaTonya Staubs, we haven’t been able take our eyes of her Instagram feed. A stylist by trade, she now devotes her time to running her inspiring blog, LaTonya Yvette, where she chronicles her Brooklyn life as a creative and a mother to just-as-cool children, River and Oak.

LaTonya hosted a casual (but magical) backyard Brooklyn FEED Supper for her friends that raised over 6,000 meals. She let us in on her favorite moments in hopes of inspiring more gatherings for good.

For my backyard Supper, I wanted to create an environment that was comfortable and familiar, yet fresh. I wanted a night that was a fitting last hurrah to the end of warm weather, while also bringing attention and love to this amazing cause. 

There is an overwhelming sense of comfort in working with companies that actually want to participate and be involved. And that’s how I felt about my vendors. I had used Rent Patina rentals for a shoot before; we've eaten at The Meatball Shop countless times; Concrete + Water is owned by an amazing couple, the sister of an old friend (and we hadn't yet made the connection). The napkins were made by my friend Carter; the table cloths were given to me by Kalen of Upstate, who also made the dress I was wearing. The flowers were custom made bouquets by the owner of Home Coming, Vanessa. And the music was provided by my long time friend, Court, who I met just a few blocks away from Concrete + Water, many many years ago. Everyone held a huge place in my heart already. It was really special. 

This group of guests was unique because all of the women who came are successful and inspiring and creative, each in her own right. Often, I find that there’s a stigma around women in creative fields that we can't support and love each other. I want to continue to try to break down those walls. I sat people next to guests they'd never met, hoping that everyone left with a new friend. A few times, as I looked around the room, everyone was in deep conversations with strangers. At the end of the night, they were all exchanging numbers, or pulling me to the side and saying how a certain person inspired them, or how they were a fan of this one or that one's work. Everyone opened her heart that night. It was beautiful. 

Thankfully, over the past few years, I've developed a great group of girlfriends who are activists and work hard in our community and beyond. Our conversations are usually about pushing and taking action, and this FEED Supper was right up their alley. 

My husband and I try to always help where we can. Whether that means hiring friends who need jobs, connecting people or volunteering. Lately we’ve felt a need to be more active in the community, so that's our priority right now. 

At the dinner, we raised over 6,000 meals. But people have kept donating to our page since then, so now I’m proud to say we have raised over 9,000 meals! Learn how you can host your own Supper here.