What would a better world for women and girls look like? There’s no more time to wonder. It’s time to build.

That’s the conclusion we came to a few months ago when brainstorming ideas for our International Women’s Day campaign, which begins today. We love and celebrate International Women’s Day each year as a moment to collectively come together and dream about a world where every little girl, from Bangladesh to Boston, grows up with the same opportunities as her brother. While we don’t want to stop dreaming, nine years in to FEED’s journey, we’re convinced that it’s time to move beyond just dreaming and start building.

It starts here is an invitation to take ownership for building the truly equal world in which we all want to live. A better world for women and girls starts here with each of us, whether “here” is a classroom in the Philippines where a young girl is accessing education because of a free school meal, an artisan collective in Peru where women are empowering themselves through sustainable livelihoods, or a restaurant in Chicago where a female chef is breaking stereotypes and empowering the women who work for her. We’ll be telling all three of those stories this month, as well as countless others, featuring women who are using their voices and their influence to create a more equal world. We can’t wait to share them with you.

One of these stories is Karen, a mother, grandmother and watercolor artist from Chicago who is building a more equal world, not only by setting an example of strength for her daughter and grandchild, but also by helping girls receive an education with her FEED bag.

For girls in many parts of the world, a free school meal is more than needed nutrition. It’s an incentive for their parents to send them to school. It’s hope for a better future that Karen helped provide – and that you can help provide with your FEED purchase.

As you read these stories, our hope is that you see yourself in the narrative—wherever you live and whatever your passion, change starts here, with you.

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