There’s something about the Tuesday after Labor Day that, while a little sad, makes me feel so full of anticipation for the months ahead. Today, I especially felt that as I packed a sweater into my FEED bag (maybe wishful thinking) and made my way to the office in the slightly crisp morning air. As Meg Ryan would say (because September calls for a You’ve Got Mail reference), Don't you love New York in the fall? It makes me want to buy school supplies.

I may not be in the market for school supplies (stay a toddler forever James!), but that same sense of anticipation is filling me in other ways. Can you relate? Here’s what I am looking forward to this fall:


FEED Supper - 9/16

So thrilled to report that our campaign to "truly share a meal" is returning next week with a new year-round timeline and a local giving focus that will help feed Americans. 

NY Fashion Week - 9/7
We're planning to debut a very special collaboration with one of my very favorite style bloggers and fashion icons and I. Can. Not. Wait.
National Coffee Day - 9/29
I'll be observing this very important day in caffeinated bliss at the FEED Shop & Cafe, where I'm told our baristas are already brewing up some perks.
FEED’s 10 Year Anniversary - 10/3
I promised not tell what my team is planning for this huge milestone, but I'll give you some hints: Think limited-edition collections, customer surprises and one very big announcement. 
The Return of Stranger Things - 10/27
Who else is counting down until Eleven returns? Definitely how I'll be spending Halloween...after taking a very cute pumpkin trick-or-treating of course.