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Not everyone is a fan of Valentine’s Day, but I think there’s so much that can be done with this Hallmark holiday, in the spirit of spreading love and kindness, that doesn’t necessarily have to involve a bouquet of red roses or a traditional date night (although those things are nice too). 

This year especially, I’m really craving some quality time with the inspiring and empowering women in my life. Strong female friendships are certainly something to be celebrated, and February 14 is just an extra fun day to do so. 

Here’s my recipe for my perfect Galentine’s Day (or evening), ideally spent with women who lift you up and make you feel loved, just as you are.

A gift for your galentine’s: The ideal Valentine’s Day gift is simple, thoughtful and impactful, in my opinion. I’m getting all my favorite gals this cute Valentine Card that FEED’s talented graphic designer, Sarah, created in-house. As a bonus, it’s printed on recycled paper. I’m also gifting our new Woman on a Mission Tote, because what could be more perfect for my leading ladies?

A home-cooked meal: My favorite cookbook of all time is Plenty, by Yotam Ottolenghi. The book itself is beautiful and as a long-time vegetarian, these are the types of recipes I crave and love to cook at home—all plant-based, but incredibly flavorful, inventive and well-spiced. I love cooking with friends or in a group; I find it is so refreshing and rewarding.

A great show: I am loving “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.” I truly cannot get enough – and it’s perfect for a night spent laughing and snacking on popcorn and icecream with the ladies I love.

A yummy snack or dessert: My favorite guilty pleasure is definitely Van Leeuwen’s Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. It also pairs really well with a glass, or two, of red wine.

A cause to contribute to: Not necessary an activity that takes place during Galentine’s, but on Valentine’s Day I find it’s always nice to spread a little extra love and kindness to those that need it. This year, I’m contributing to the Yemen Food Relief effort, via the World Food Program, as well as the Food Bank for NYC, who really stepped up to help government workers in need, during the recent shutdown.

It wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without a mention of making physical Valentines to send out. Earlier in the day, my perfect February 14th involves making homemade Valentines with my older son, James. Now that he’s three years old, I’m excited to really involve him in the love-spreading activities in a way that he’s really starting to understand and enjoy.

Happy Love Day, FEED family.


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