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Letter from Lauren: April

Hi all, 

I hope you are all safe & well. It’s hard to open any email or letter these days without that type of greeting...just one small part of our new normal. Looking back on April, it feels simultaneously like three long months and the blink of an eye. My days are filled to the brim and as tiring as it is, it’s a constant reminder that if you have your health and the ability to stay home right now with your loved ones, you are incredibly blessed.

I have found that it’s easy to lose sight of working hours, mom-ing hours, waking hours, these days, it all blends into one. I feel the weight of wanting to be as productive as possible and make a bigger difference, especially when it comes to fighting hunger, which is more critical than ever. 

As a reminder, when you checkout on our site right now, there’s an opportunity to donate to No Kid Hungry, our domestic giving partner, who is going above and beyond right now to fight hunger across the country. According to a ticker on their site, kids in need have missed 975,441,807 school meals (and counting) due to school closures. FEED is matching all donations, up to $10,000, to help fund solutions for these kids and their families. 

The truth is that it’s okay not to do it all right now. All we can do is the best we can, one day at a time. For myself and my team at FEED, that means leaning into our mission even more and coming together to make a bigger difference. 

As with everything, this too shall pass. For now, let’s stay connected. Our virtual communities are more important than ever and I’m so thankful for ours. 


Here are a few things I've been loving and living in, this past month:

Although I’ve been using my classic canvas totes the most these days, we recently launched a spring leather style that I adore. I’ve been slinging it over my shoulder any opportunity I get, it’s functional, but so chic. 

Change making
Last week I had the pleasure of packing up “Kindness Kits” for the winners of our Kind Giveaway, which called for nominees who have been spreading kindness right now. The winners were beyond deserving, to say the least. Read more about them on the blog. 

In need of a peaceful escape, my husband and I have taken to Poldark, a scenic Masterpiece Classic that takes place in Cornwall, England. I have also been indulging in Fleabag, even though I have already seen the show. It's SO good.

I have always loved a good DIY craft, but lately, along with everyone on my Instagram feed, I’ve really been leaning into it. A few weekends ago I hand-dyed some Cultivate Kindness Totes, with natural Indigo dye. Check it out on the blog!

Comin’ Soon 
Our beloved city has been hard-hit by the pandemic, which has had a very real impact on the issue of hunger. To help, we’re making a limited-edition relief tote, benefitting the Food Bank for New York City, available next week. Join the waitlist, to be the first to shop (and help us make a difference). 

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