Somehow, August is nearly behind us, and I'm feeling the familiar ache of summers end and all the things I wanted to do, but maybe didn't get around to. That said, it's been a wonderful summer, filled with memory-making-trips to some of my favorite places, with my most favorite people. So, all is as it should be, and those end-of-summer blues are (unfortunately) just par for the course. 

Mixed with those feelings is an anticipation for what's ahead as we move towards the transition into Fall, back to school, back into the swing of things. And there are oh so many things to look forward to...

For now, let's rewind and take a look back at August...


Here are some things I've been loving and living in, this past month.  

FEED Fave:

A major focus for us this past month was the launch of FEED Kids. It was such a long time in the making and as a mama of two little boys, it's a collection that feels so personal to me. Made for kiddos, to help other kiddos.

Also (sorry team, I'm sneaking two in), our best travel bag was just restocked, just in time for Labor Day travels.  

Currently Reading:

Although I always love to read a good fiction book, getting lost in a great story feels especially sweet in the summer. Recently, I have been on a Greek mythology kick reading "Circe" and then "Song of Achilles" both by Madeline Miller. These epic tales will keep you hooked from the first page to the last with Gods, heroes, magical creatures and more.

Here on our own blog, I was just devouring the beautiful words my friend (and long-time FEED supporter) LaTonya Yvette wrote on transition – very timely and helpful. 


A few days ago, in celebration of our Polo x FEED collection, we came together with a few members of the Ralph Lauren team (including my husband David), to volunteer together at the Community Kitchen in Harlem. Since the collection gives back in the U.S., it was a special way to commemorate – and increase – our impact.  

Ask LBL:  

How long did it take for your plan for FEED to become reality – Julia Coynn

It definitely took a minute (and by "a minute," I mean a few years) to make FEED a reality. I had the idea for the FEED bag when I was a junior in college, but it wasn't until about two years later, after I graduated, that I figured out how to make the first bag, and then made my first sale to friends and family. Even though FEED is twelve years old, I still feel like my team and I are constantly manifesting, dreaming and building. I think that is what being an entrepreneur is – constantly making plans (and re-making plans) and then working hard to make those plans a reality.

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