Hey FEED Fam,

Welcome to my (new & improved) monthly letter!

It’s mid-winter, which means we could all use a little pick me up, or just some great, and informative reading (ideally to be done cuddled up by a fireplace). Even if that’s not happening today, I hope you enjoy this post.

I’ll be popping into your inbox each month (are you on our email list?) and sharing my thoughts here on everything I’m loving at the moment – from new FEED bags to podcasts, recipes and mama essentials. I’ll also be answering questions from this community, which you can submit each month on FEED’s Instagram stories, or feel free to DM us.

This month, I’m celebrating the re-launch of our blog! If this is your first time on the FEED Journal – welcome! Now is a great time to be here. We’ll be publishing new content and debuting brand new content series every week. Plus, the blog has an all-new look. We have fantastic contributors who will be helping us discuss topics that are near and dear to my heart, like motherhood, nutrition for kids and conscious living.

For now, I’d recommend you check out Sarah Copeland’s (our new resident food & entertaining contributor) recipe for fantastically simple brown sugar shortbread – and for raising kiddos that value kindness and love (of all kinds). You can learn more about her here. I can guarantee you’ll love her as much as I do. Her enthusiasm for making food, entertaining and motherhood simple, fun and refreshing leaps off the page.

We’re also diving deeper into nutrition for little ones with Dr. Dina. Along with fellow NYC pediatrician, Dr. Anthony, Dina will be answering your burning questions about infant and child nutrition in our new series, “Ask Dr. Dina.” I’m so impressed by their expertise, but also their dedication to ridding the space of misinformation, which we all know is rife. I know that little ones can be the bossiest (and pickiest) in the kitchen and we all want to make sure we understand why and how to give them everything that they need to thrive. Make sure to submit your questions each month, on our Instagram. 

As FEED continues to grow and evolve, I hope the FEED Journal is a place you come to for simple, attainable wisdom on conscious living, reliable information on nutrition for you and your little ones, and ways to give back, be active, and get involved.

As with everything we do here at FEED, I hope you’ll find it to be a place you can come together, learn, do good and be inspired.

I’m so glad you’re here – there’s much more to come...




My February Faves: 

Comin’ soon – If you watch my Instagram stories, you may have already seen my sneak peek of our Diaper Bag, which will be available in March. It’s highly functional and, of course, incredibly impactful. If you're reading this, you're very lucky because you can sign up for the waitlist to be first to shop. 

FEED fave – I live in mom jeans, so when we launched the Go-To Bag in denim I made sure to snag a sample from the office. I haven’t put it down since.

Cooking – Although V-day just passed, I'm planning bake Sarah Copeland’s incredibly simple and delicious brown sugar shortbread a few more times this winter. Have I mentioned already how much I love it? Take that as further reason to make it, asap. 

Change-making – This month we’re coming together to fight childhood hunger here in the U.S. After committing that every purchase provides meals locally in the month of February, we've already raised 58,071 meals for American kids thanks to you. Few more days to go!

Listening – On my walk to work these days, you can find me listening to either Skimm’d from the Couch or the goop podcast. It’s the perfect mix of progressive and fascinating health & wellness trends with personal business stories from my peers and mentors.

Ask LBL – Ann wants to know how I balance being a mama of two and a CEO. The answer is that I honestly don't think I have achieved (and may never achieve) the elusive "balance" we're all looking for, between being a fully present mommy and CEO. For me, I find it useful to schedule my day as best I can to make sure I get quality time with my boys in the mornings and evenings – and then I feel less mom guilt when I go to work for the remainder of the day. I also feel incredibly lucky to get to do a job everyday that I feel so passionate about and that helps children. In addition, I have great childcare, so I know that when my kids are not with me, they are safe and happy.