It’s the end of October, but I'm just leaning into fall and pulling out my thicker sweaters, as the leaves are beginning to turn and litter the sidewalks here in New York City.

Already I can feel the holidays in the air – and it's barely Halloween. I'm passing twinkly holiday window displays on my walk to work as the festivity trickles in sooner and sooner. To celebrate (and ease into the season) I've been attending and hosting a lot of FEED Suppers, squeezing in some quality time with my little ones, and gearing up for what's to come.

This year in particular, we have so much exciting newness to share with you.. read on for a sneak peek and a look back at October.


Here's what I've been loving and living in, this past month.

Comin' Soon 

In just a few weeks, we're launching something huge... it's a brand-new category for us and one that's so close to my heart and to the season of coming together. I can't wait to introduce you to FEED Home, available so soon. Sign up for the waitlist and you'll be the first to know (and shop). 


FEED fave 

The Canvas Harriet Tote (the bag with our biggest waitlist ever), was finally restocked, which inspired me to carry it again daily. It's also the perfect color for Fall.  

Change making

On World Food Day earlier this month, we hosted a celebration – and a call to action – with our friends at Real Simple and Nextdoor. Together we kicked off the #FEEDSupperChallenge, which runs until T-giving, sign up to participate and fight hunger here in the U.S. –  and be entered to win some great prizes. 


I am in the midst of reading and loving The Soul of Money, by Lynne Twist.  In it, Twist asks us to question our relationship to money in a very fundamental way. To read an excerpt that particularly resonated with me about hunger, check out this blog post.


Ask LBL – How did you create awareness (and build trust) for FEED in the beginning? 

When I set out to start FEED and create brand awareness and loyalty, I looked for partners who were bigger in reach and could get behind our mission and help amplify. That was twelve years ago, so platforms like Facebook were just getting started and Instagram didn't even exist... Retail has evolved so much since I founded FEED and there are many more tools for brands to speak directly to their customers via social media, blogs and e-commerce sites.  But when I was starting (now I feel old), my strategy was partnerships and PR to get the word out.  Ultimately, it is your brand loyalists who will be your biggest advocates and customers, so I would recommend finding and cultivating those relationships first and foremost.