Hopefully by now you’ve heard about the Love More campaign we launched a few days ago. I’m so excited to watch the concept continue to unfold right here on The Daily FEED over the next few weeks. “Love More” is a simple, yet amazingly powerful, call to action. As a new mama, my heart is bursting with a deep love for my new little babe, James. Just when I thought I couldn’t possibly love more, I have been presented with an opportunity and an almost visceral need to do just that. While having a baby certainly has given me a new understanding of what it means to love, I don't think it requires a big life moment to grow our capacity to love. We are all called as friends, lovers, parents, colleagues, and global citizens to do just that. 

We’ve been talking a lot at the FEED HQ about what it looks like to widen our circles of love, extending our support to those we may not personally know. While my heart has been filled with joy experiencing life with my son the past few months, it has also broken for the children and families so deeply affected by situations unfolding around the globe. The Dalai Lama wisely said, "The more you are motivated by LOVE, the more fearless and free your actions will be."  For my team and me, choosing to love more means being aware of the plight of others, and then turning that awareness into action.  While there is immense need all over the world right now, I have personally been reflecting on how we can show love within the following contexts.

World Map

Syrian Refugees  - Syria The plight of Syrians—both those struggling to provide for their families within besieged towns like Madaya, and those joining the mass of refugees from across the region in search of a safer place to call home—is one that continues to tug at our national and global consciousness. Yet while many of us feel sympathy, we don’t know how to help. FEED’s global giving partner, the World Food Programme, has been delivering emergency assistance to the nearly 18 million Syrians affected by the crisis that is now going on its sixth year. I am encouraged by stories of hope in the midst of heartbreak, which we will be sharing from our giving partner next week. In the meantime, take a step of solidarity with the I FEED Peace tee, which donates ten emergency meals to Syrians in need when purchased.  We’ve also set up an opportunity for customers to donate emergency meals to Syrians with every purchase on feedprojects.com.

Syrian Refugees

Food Crisis – Central African Republic The latest food security assessment of the Central African Republic shows that half of the population—2.5 million people—faces hunger. In the three years since the food crisis in C.A.R. began, the number of people struggling with food insecurity has doubled. My heart breaks for the mothers and fathers who cannot provide food for their children within this region right now. I truly believe that the most effective way to help is by supporting proven food interventions. I am so encouraged by the work the World Food Programme continues to do in C.A.R. FEED supports this work through product sales, and donations directly to the FEED Foundation.

C.A.R. Famine

Maternal Health - Uganda Since going through a pregnancy and nurturing a newborn, I have a new found passion for making sure moms everywhere have access to the nutrition they need to stay healthy. One very effective way of ensuring mother-child health is through offering micronutrient supplements, which are enriched with important vitamins that help both mom and baby not just survive, but thrive. When you purchase a FEED diaper bag (for yourself or a friend), you provide a mother and her child with micronutrients for an entire year. 

Maternal Health

Girls' Education  - Honduras There is no opportunity with a higher return on investment than girls’ education. When girls go to school, pregnancy rates decline, and with that child mortality and poverty rates. But even more importantly, education is a basic human right. While education of girls still is not valued in certain parts of the world, we’ve seen the success of school feeding programs in incentivizing parents to send their daughters to school. Helping girls going to school has the power to break cycles of poverty and empower a new generation of female leaders. Shop our products that provide school meals when purchased.

Girls Education