I’ve been thinking a lot about goals lately, in light of some important resolutions at FEED and in the world. My desktop displays a graphic that says “Goals are dreams with deadlines.” To reflect on our dreams, personal and professional, and set our intention to fulfill them is  a powerful practice that deserves constant attention. It is all to easy to get distracted. But to put discipline and, just as importantly, deadlines behind our dreams, whether individual or collective, takes a good deal of courage and strategy. 

The FEED Team began the year by reading together Stephen R. Covey’s timeliness book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  In his book, Covey contends that the road to effectiveness starts with setting effective goals. Covey writes, “An effective goal focuses primarily on results rather than activity. It identifies where you want to be, and, in the process, helps you determine where you are. It unifies your efforts and energy. It gives meaning and purpose to all you do.” My greatest achieved goal is my job. A decade ago, I was traveling with the UN World Food Programme as a student in college, dreaming up the idea for a bag that would help feed the children I saw. Covey's words are as true for me now as they were then. Setting my mind on what this company would look like energize me in the process of starting it. 

The second test of goal setting is collective goal setting.  This month, the FEED Community set a collective goal to raise 2 million meals in 30 days. As we approach our deadline of October 16th  (World Food Day) we see such great momentum with hosts signing up to bring their communities together around the cause of hunger.  Fingers crossed that we will reach (even surpass) our ambitious collective 2 million meal goal!

There is power in realizing, articulating, and pursuing personal goals. Even more powerful to activate as a community around a collective goal. But the greatest power comes from a global goal that nations and citizens of the world alike can get behind.  Just last week, world leaders gathered at the UN to ratify the Global Goals, a set of 17 ambitious goals that aim to tackle the most pressing issues of our time, from ending huger to ensuring gender equality to enforcing responsible consumption and production. The Global Goals are so essential for the wellbeing of the planet and humanity, and they also give the world something to collaborate on and aim towards