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Here at the FEED HQ, we don’t go about planning a dinner party without consulting our stockpile of Martha Stewart Living magazines. So when we found out Martha herself was co-hosting a FEED Supper this fall with her good friend Kevin Sharkey, we were elated. When it comes to our own FEED Suppers, we may not have hosting skills like Martha, but we can follow her cue when it comes to the small details that transform a dinner into a dinner party. Thankfully, she’s agreed to share some of her tried and true (and simple!) fall DIY projects with our Supper community. First up, a rustic wreath for your front door to set the perfect tone for any fall gathering.

Corn-Husk Wreath
This wreath is a rustic nod to the harvest season, and it’s made with tamale wrappers from the grocery store.

Straw wreath, 12", $7,
 Corn husks, $19.50 for 1.5 lb.,

Corn husks
Bowl of water and paper towels
Straw wreath
T pins
Glue gun

1. Dunk corn husks in water, blot slightly on paper towels, and wrap around wreath, overlapping edges of husks to form a first layer that covers straw entirely. Secure undersides of husks with T pins as you go.

2. To shape radiating husks: Dunk husks in water, blot slightly, and temporarily pin to wreath so they dry naturally in draped, curled, or undulating shapes. Go around the wreath, creating several layers. Let radiating husks dry a few hours.

3. Permanently attach radiating husks a few at a time, using glue gun to position on wreath. Attach in layers, tucking additional husks behind until you reach desired fullness. As you go, use scissors to trim husk lengths and widths. 

For more host tips from Martha, we recommend this post on 

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