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Hey all,

As the last few hazy days of summer (and my maternity leave) are wrapping up, and the "back to school," season is upon us, I'm thrilled to introduce something that we've been working on for many years, a product that feels so timely and relevant to me personally – our very first FEED Lunch Box. 

With school meals at the core of our impact, creating a Lunch Box felt like a natural – and important – part of our story. I designed ours with kiddos in mind, but also myself, my friends and my team – working mamas (and dads) and mission-driven women on the go, heading to work or school. As always, every FEED Lunch Box provides school meals. So, while you're packing up a nourishing lunch or snack for yourself or your little ones, you're also providing hope, opportunity and sustenance to children in need around the globe, and here in the U.S. 

Since becoming a new mother of two, the FEED mission is all the more profound to me. Creating products that simplify our daily routines – as we take care of ourselves and our families – while providing a daily reminder of our collective impact on others, inspires me to continue fighting to make the world a better place. I hope it inspires you too.

Shop the FEED Lunch Box today, available in three shades. 




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