We're thrilled to introduce our newest resident contributor, Sarah Copeland.

A long-time friend of FEED, Sarah is an award-winning author of the books Feast, The Newlywed Cookbook and Every Day is Saturday (coming in June 2019!), all of which exemplify her standard for gorgeous photography, luscious recipes and simple luxuries. She is also a former Food Director at Real Simple magazine and a Food Network veteran. 

A passionate storyteller and creator, she lives in the Hudson valley with her two little ones, which you may remember from her stunning outdoor FEED Supper, which we featured on our blog in 2015.

We adore her for her refreshing take on good living, her kindness, perspective on motherhood and her self-proclaimed (we wholeheartedly agree) ability to host a raucous, twinkly-light dinner party for friends. She can take the simplest pleasure and with her fresh spin on it, turn it into something even more delightful.

She'll be here on the blog monthly talking about food and recipes, along with motherhood, entertaining and more. We just know you'll love her as much as we do. 

Check out her first post, on sharing values of kindness and love on Valentine's Day with your little ones, plus an incredible shortcake recipe that's as delicious as it is simple. 

So much more to come... 

Photos by Amy Frances Photo.


Sarah's new books:
Every Day is Saturday (coming June 2019, available for pre-order here)
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