You have probably heard of the cult-favorite shoe brand, Sarah Flint, in part thanks to the incredible list of female celebrities who love to wear them – from Meghan Markle to Amal Clooney to Kate Hudson – as well as the incredible woman behind her eponymous brand, Sarah Flint herself! 

She started her company at just 24 and set out to revolutionize women's luxury shoes, bringing them direct-to-consumer to prioritize women's needs, never sacrificing style, price or quality in her designs. In honor of our Sarah Flint x FEED collab (available today on!), we asked the CEO, founder and designer a few questions about how she gets things done and how she makes a difference.

Name: Sarah Flint

Finish this sentence – I’m a woman on a mission to: Reimagine the world of luxury footwear so that women never have to choose between comfort and style

What cause or issue are you most passionate about? I’m most passionate about empowering women and supporting organizations that allow women’s voices to be heard. We recently had the chance to partner with She Should Run, a nonprofit dedicated to providing the encouragement and resources women need to run for public office.

You started your company in your early 20s, which is quite a feat and something you and Lauren share – as a young, female founder, what unique challenges did you face? Being a young, female entrepreneur is challenging. At the beginning, I needed to convince potential investors, buyers, and Italian factory owners to take the company seriously. Articulating my vision and passion was essential and still is today.

Did you always know you wanted to design shoes? Or work in the fashion space? I’ve loved shoes from a very young age, ever since my first pair of patent leather tap shoes. I started off studying fashion design more generally when I was in school and quickly realized I wanted to focus all of my energy into footwear.

Sarah Flint’s signature phrase and guiding ideal is “walk like a woman,” what does it mean to you personally? For me, ‘walk like a woman’ means feeling like the best version of yourself; confident, strong, smart, powerful.

What’s your #1 favorite thing about living and working in NYC? I love the energy of living and working in NYC. There’s always something new to discover and inspire me!

How do you get involved and create change, in your personal or professional life? As a brand, we embrace and empower women by telling their stories. We feature dynamic, successful women of different ages, industries, and backgrounds in our newsletters, social channels, and on our website. I’m very passionate about building a network of incredible women who support each other and sharing their stories with our community.

FEED Fire Round:

  1. Coffee or tea? Tea
  2. Minimalist or maximalist? Minimalist
  3. Early bird or night owl? Night owl
  4. Manhattan or Brooklyn? Manhattan
  5. Three things you always have in your bag: Hair ties, advil, chapstick
  6. The FEED bag that’s so me is: the Amelia Tote
  7. Giving back for me, means:  Empowering others
  8. The #1 thing that gets you up and out of bed in the morning is: My team!

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