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Monica Rich Kosann x FEED

Meet the Monica Rich Kosann x FEED Collection

Introducing a very special partnership with our friends at Monica Rich Kosann. Together we designed a limited-edition charm necklace that helps fight hunger here in America, through support of our domestic giving partner, No Kid Hungry. Each charm necklace is thoughtfully designed to empower the wearer, promote kindness, and of course, help provide school meals to kids in need.

Available in both 18k gold or sterling silver, these necklaces are as meaningful as they are beautiful. Your purchase of the gold necklace will help provide 5,000 school meals to kids in need and the silver one will help provide 1,000 school meals.

Wear yours everyday with pride and keep our mantra close to your cart – be kind.  

"We're so thrilled to have partnered on something so beautiful and impactful – truly, these necklaces are even more stunning in person. I'm always proud to collaborate with like-minded brands dedicated to doing good and with this partnership, we'll be doing a world of good for kids right here in the U.S., a cause that's even more critical as a result of the pandemic. Plus, we'll be sharing a really important message along the way – be kind." – Lauren Bush Lauren

Christina Emilie (@christinaemiliephoto)

My favorite thing about being a New Yorker is, that even before moving here, I knew it was home. It calls you to become who you truly were meant to be & living with other people on that same journey is what makes it home. To me, it's the heart of the world."

Liz Eswein (@newyorkcity)

"Simply watching people from all walks of life pass by on the same street corner; spanning different ages, races and genders. There is truly no other place like it in the world."

Vanessa Holden (@vanessaholden)

"Our hustle is LOVE. It’s truly a magical alchemy that this unrelentingly demanding city creates tightly knit neighborhoods and loving communities defined by kindness, generosity and resilience, especially in a moment like this. Can’t stop, won’t stop, love leads the way."

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