After launching the first version of our NYC Relief Tote – which sold out in just a few days and provided over 25,000 meals through the Food Bank for New York City – we knew we wanted to do more. We knew our community wanted to do more. 

So the NYC Relief Tote is back! A slightly different tote with the same incredible impact – each one sold provides 50 meals to New York families in need. 

To celebrate our collective impact, we asked a few friends to tell us what they love most about being a New Yorker. 


LaTonya Vyette (@latonyayvette

"My favorite thing about being a New Yorker is the constant reminder that community is expansive, diverse, alive and resilient, no matter what corner you turn on."  

Christina Emilie @christinaemiliephoto

"My favorite thing about being a New Yorker is, that even before moving here, I knew it was home.  It calls you to become who you truly were meant to be & living with other people on that same journey is what makes it home. To me, it's the heart of the world."
Liz Eswein @newyorkcity

"Simply watching people from all walks of life pass by on the same street corner; spanning different ages, races and genders. There is truly no other place like it in the world."

Vanessa Holden @vanessaholden

"Our hustle is LOVE. It’s truly a magical alchemy that this unrelentingly demanding city creates tightly knit neighborhoods and loving communities defined by kindness, generosity and resilience, especially in a moment like this. Can’t stop, won’t stop, love leads the way."

Shop the limited-edition NYC Relief Tote and help us provide over 17,000 more meals, to support pandemic hunger relief efforts here in New York City.