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Party with purpose: Social Studies x FEED

Party with purpose this holiday season
FEED x Social Studies

Hosting Friendsgiving this year? Make it a gathering for good.

Thanks to the party experts at Social Studies, you can rent the chic table setting kit of your dreams, complete with a FEED Supper Toolkit!

Gather around the table this holiday season to truly share a meal, by raising funds for Feeding America to help provide meals to families in need.

Plus, just by renting the FEED Supper Look, you'll help provide 100 meals here in the U.S.

How to Host a FEED Supper:

In case you didn't know, FEED Supper is our completely charitable dinner party activation, empowering you to make any dinner party or gathering an opportunity to help others in need and raise awareness for the issue of hunger.

1. Sign up to host

Sign up and create your fundraising page on our FEED Supper site. 

2. Invite your guests & share your FEED Supper page

Share your personal fundraising page with your guests, so they can donate. You can also set a meal goal to get the momentum going!

3. Set your table with your FEED x Social Studies FEED Supper kit

Don't forget to write in your total meal count on the placemats!

4. Gather & celebrate!

Gather with your guests to celebrate your collective impact.


100% of funds raised at your FEED Supper will provide meals to American families in need through our FEED Supper giving partner, Feeding America.

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