Do you listen to podcasts? As New Yorkers with daily subway commutes, we can’t get enough of them. It’s not uncommon on a Monday morning to overhear a conversation between FEEDers about our new favorite finds. (Let it be known that Jenny, our Vice President of Marketing, was the first to discover Serial.) We’re not calling ourselves experts, but we feel pretty confident in our recommendations. What we’re currently listening to:

Happier with Gretchen Rubin
Narrated by the author who penned The Happiness Project, this podcast aims to achieve a similar mission. Each episode is full of life and lifestyle advice, guiding listeners toward a healthier, happier and better existence. If you’re looking for a pick-me-up, or simple tips to improve your well-being, definitely check this out.

Burnt Toast
Our friends at Food52 launched a podcast this year that immediately made it onto our weekly must-listen lists. If you are a self-proclaimed foodie, this is definitely one for you. Episodes vary in theme, ranging from what to eat on a first date (an episode for which we are very thankful) to interviews with the likes of Adam Sachs, the Editor in Chief of Saveur, and the founders of the NYC cult favorite, Big Gay Ice Cream. Is your mouth watering yet?

Slate’s Daily Podcast
Slate has quite a few podcast series on the air right now, and in our opinion, they are all amazing. To get started, we recommend their Daily Podcast, a compilation of everything from culture catch-all The Gist to sports fan-haven Hang Up and Listen to women’s issues authority Double X. Slate’s podcasts also cover current events and politics. You can’t go wrong with any, so pick your category and get listening.

This is the funniest podcast we’ve ever encountered. No joke. Each episode is a taping of live stage shows where writers read embarrassing stories to an audience. There is always a theme: sleep-away camp mishaps, party fouls, questionable relationships, you name it. Warning: this podcast is not for someone covertly listening while at work. It will definitely elicit laughs, so save it for folding laundry or making dinner. (Lindsey, our Content Manager, learned this the hard way.)

Dear Sugar Radio
One of the most heart-warming, and simultaneously gut-wrenching, collections we have ever read is Cheryl Strayed’s Dear Sugar, a bound accumulation of favored pieces from her memorable advice column. Now the author of several novels, Strayed also co-hosts Dear Sugar Radio with Steve Almond. The podcast is a version of her column, where she and Almond deliver their treasured advice with empathy—whether or not we want to hear it.

What are your favorite podcasts? Tell us in the comments section and we might feature them in our next podcast round up.