We’ve been counting down all year to this. FEED Supper starts today, and with it, our attempt to raise 2 million meals for families in need, both here in America and around the world. We have 30 days to do it, and with your help, we know we can.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been talking a lot about how to host a Supper (check out this post if you’re curious). Today, we’re talking about why to host a Supper.

It’s hard to believe that today 805 million people struggle with food insecurity. Think about the last time you were hungry. Did it affect your ability to think and focus? To care for those around you? To dream? 1 in 9 people struggle with the realities of hunger every day. And the crazy thing?

Hunger is a solvable problem.

There is enough food produced each year to feed everyone on the planet and we believe that, together, we can move the needle on hunger. But where to start? 

Thinking about the 805 million can be overwhelming, and knowing how to help even more so. But what if you could do something to make a real impact this month by coming together with your community? What if thousands of people around the country did the same? Together, we could provide millions of meals to families, and with that, millions of opportunities for a better future. 

Hosting a FEED Supper about more than just making a donation. It’s about truly sharing a meal—both with those whom you’ve gathered, and those you may never meet.  

The meals raised this month through FEED Supper will be divided evenly between our domestic giving partner, Feeding America, to help families in our own backyard, and our global giving partner, The World Food Programme, to provide school meals to children in 63 countries around the world. We’ll be sharing real stories of the children and families we are helping through FEED Supper all month, so be sure to check back in often.

We hope you’ll join us in hosting a FEED Supper this fall. You can learn more about the campaign, and sign up to become a host here. Together, we can feed hope.