Our hearts are so full this morning as we think back on last night’s celebration of 100 million meals that we hosted at our store in Brooklyn to mark FEED’s 10 year anniversary. It’s hard to put into words the gratitude that we felt, gathered with some of our closest friends and partners, so we’ll let the pictures do the talking.

Our milestone of 100 million meals is really a celebration of the FEED purchases over the last 10 years that have changed the world, so we decided to partner with our friends at Visa to bring that message to life. More on our partnership, and the power of a purchase from Lauren's perspective, in this video.
In addition to partnering with us on the dinner, Visa was so generous in gifting our guests with $100 Visa gift cards to shop in our store before dinner to celebrate the power of a purchase. Thanks to those gift card purchases, we raised 6,657 meals. On our way to the next 100 million!
From our shopping and cocktail hour, we made our way to FEED Supper in the building, where guests raised even more meals and we celebrated the last 10 years with videos, toasts and a delicious dinner by Smile To-Go
We loved having so many members of our FEED family, from Ralph Lauren to Rebecca Minkoff to Daphne Oz, in one room.
To bring 100,000,000 meals to life in a unique way, we partnered with the talented Tinsel & Twine to create these life-size living numbers. They were a beautiful reminder of our impact to date and the work that is yet to be done. If you visit our store in the next few weeks, you’ll see these numbers displayed in the lobby with a message about what they represent. 
And maybe a few members of Team FEED keeping the celebration going.