Our Mexican-inspired FEED supper not only turns your gathering into a fiesta but helps give to those within the Latin American and Caribbean Regions. Keep the giving spirit alive during your gathering by reading this information on how supper can, and will, help families in need within this region.

Latin America and the Caribbean countries have made significant progress in tackling hunger and malnutrition, reducing the number of hungry people by 16 million over a decade, but much work still remains to be done. Despite significant gains in reducing hunger, almost seven million preschool children in Latin America and the Caribbean remain chronically undernourished.

Today, WFP provides school meals to more than 2 million boys and girls in 27,000 schools and 6 countries in the region, always complementing and supporting national and sub-national programs. In addition to this direct assistance, which is increasingly linked to local agriculture support and market access programs, WFP also provides technical assistance and policy advice on national government-owned school feeding programs.