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When hosting a United States themed supper, the meals you raise will give aid to those in need within America. In preparation for the gathering and waiting for Grandma's famous apple pie to cool, take a look at this information on hunger within America and see how your supper will make a difference.

It is hard to believe that in the United States, 47 million Americans are food insecure. This means one in six people relies on local food banks or soup kitchens to get by.

Think about who comes to mind when you think of "the hungry." Whatever face you see, I can almost guarantee that the faces you did not see will surprise you. Faces that looks like a hard working single grandmother, denying herself her medication so she can buy groceries for her family; a child unable to focus at school; or even a member of our military struggling to keep his family fed while serving our country. Your Supper will help these families. 

Photography: Feeding America

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